Clayton MO | 63105 | Pest Control

Clayton MO | 63105 | St. Louis County Seat

Clayton is the County Seat for pests too.

Clayton (63105) is the epicenter of St. Louis County.  With its many professional services companies and restaurants, there is a constant buzz in Clayton that does not exist in many other municipalities. Due to the fact that there is a dense business climate, there are many parking garages, alleys and loading docks, which are a haven for unwanted pests. Pioneer is often called for pest control in Clayton to deal with rodents, as a result of the welcoming rodent conditions.

Residential pest control in Clayton is similar. Homes tend to be older, and elevation changes in the Clayton landscape just lend it to be a place where pest control services are needed.  Many homes in Clayton are older, so there is a tendency to have a number of places for pests to enter residential structures.

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