Des Peres MO | 63131 | Pest Control

City of Des Peres Welcome Sign

Home to The Village Bar,West County Mall… and lots of pests. Good thing for you, we do Pest Control in Des Peres.

Beyond being the home of one of the most catywampus traffic layouts on this side of the Mississippi (2-70 and Manchester anyone?), Des Peres is also the place where pest control in most needed in St. Louis. Residents call on Pioneer for pest control in Des Peres for a variety of reasons. Des Peres pest control coustomers use Pioneer because we are SO local. The biggest reason is that we are a nearby pest control company and we know which entrance to Berkley Manor to use to get to the right house…LOL. Shoot, our owners used to live in Harwood Hills!

If you have been around Des Peres (63131) then you know you could probably find some DIY stuff at Rick’s Ace Hardware (ask for John Youngblood…he’s a great guy). However, you might get in over your head and need a real professional pest control person to help. That’s us!

Many homes in Des Peres sit on lots with large lawns.  Mole activity in Des Peres is very high.  Des Peres also has many creeks and other places where water can become stagnate and breed mosquitoes, so we receive quite a few calls for Mosquito reduction in this area.

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