Glendale MO | 63122 | Pest Control

City Of Glendale MO Welcome Sign

Glendale MO features many neighborhoods that are dense with trees and plants that are up close to the homes.  Also, many of the homes in Glendale have been around for a long time.  Pioneer receives a lot of general pest control calls from Glendale residents dealing with problems with ants and spiders.

Due to the number of mature trees, and the many swales and creeks running throughout Glendale, there is no shortage of issues with mosquitoes and other flying pests either.

Since most of our staff grew up around Glendale, Pioneer has plenty of Glendale customers, so it probably won’t be too tough for us to mention one or two  of your neighbors that uses us. If you are looking for testimonials, several Glendale customers have written us reviews. We encourage you to go ahead and check them out!

We have been living around Glendale since Brownies was in business across from City Hall,  and Hanneke’s market was still a Tom-Boy. Some of our staff’s children have even attended North Glendale Elementary school. So, it is safe to say that we are no strangers to Glendale!

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