Olivette MO | 63132 | Pest Control

Olivette MO | 63132 | In the center of it all

Love how they put the “live” in Olivette! Very clever.

Olivette…in the center of it all for pest control too.

Olivette (63132) is a fantastic enclave for pest control in the heart of the central corridor of St. Louis. Like many of its neighboring municipalities (Ladue, Clayton, etc), Olivette’s neighborhoods are intertwined with lots of elevations changes and creeks, which can make pest populations explode.

Most homes in Olivette that need our help, have mature trees and lush landscaping, which are conducive living environments for things that pretty much gross people out.  Many of the homes are older, so there have a tendency to be little places here and there that pests can enter.

Since Olivette was founded in in 1930, it has remained one of the highest points of elevation in St. Louis County.  With that in mind, we came up with this real clever slogan…

Call Pioneer to do your pest control in Olivette, and it’ll be all downhill from there.

What do you think? Pretty clever huh?

Whether you are in the Chevy Chase neighborhood, the Indian Hills neighborhood or the Old Bonhomme neighborhood… you will be in great hands with Pioneer Pest Management! Click this link for a few more interesting tidbits about the wonderful municipality of Olivette, MO.

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