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Pioneer has ramped up in the recent past to serve more Widlwood pest control customers. We have been receiving many calls over the past 12-14 months from new Wildwood pest control customers who have become disgruntled with their current providers.

We have received feedback that these customers prefer Pioneer because of our customized program approach. These customers had become accustom to having their pest control companies show up without calling and performing services on only the outside of the house. Whereas Pioneer makes an effort to contact each customer in advance to attempt to see if the customer needs help inside. This is a big deal to some people, and it is a BIG deal to Pioneer.  This is just one of the many “Pioneer Differences”.

Wildwood is a hotbed for pests due to the dense wooded areas and large sweeping lots. It is not uncommon for Pioneer to get calls from new customers dealing with any of the following:

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