Mole Removal

Yard Moles are among the most reviled pests in St. Louis.  Moles destroy homeowner’s yards, and leave homeowners  scratching their heads and cursing the moles. Pioneer can help put a stop to the damage moles inflict through trapping the moles and removing them.

Yard Mole trapping in St. Louis is a year-round activity.  Since the process of trapping moles  is time consuming and resource intensive, Pioneer limits our mole trapping service area to homes within 5-7 miles of our office. Plenty of our existing customers have tried other yard mole removal services, and have not had great results, so they are skeptical when we come out. However, they are frequently pleasantly surprised when Pioneer is able to do what other companies could not.

As part of our service, we will come to your home and identify the mole activity.  Then, we install traps in the ground and check them every several days.  When we catch a mole (or moles), we send you a bill. Once the mole activity dies down, we pick up our mole traps and leave your yard to recover from the activity. We then depend on you to let us know if they start acting up again.

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