Trailblazer Mosquito Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. Pioneer’s Trailblazer treatments do not harm your trees, shrubs, plants or your lawn.

We do not recommend anyone other than Pioneer’s technician be in the immediate area when a treatment is being applied. Usually, we ask for kids and pets to allow 20-30 minutes to allow the treatment to dry.

The product Pioneer uses is formulated to have a residual control effect. Once dry, the treatment “sets up” on plant leafs and in typical mosquito harborages and breaks down slowly over a period of 21-28 days.

No, while for neighborhood programs, Pioneer does ask the homeowners to be treated as a group. The program can be put “on hold” if the homeowner is traveling for a part of the season, or unique situations can be negotiatied between the customer and Pioneer. We’re pretty flexible. If it is determined that the ideal timeframe between treatments is shorter or longer, we will work to communicate that to the neighborhood group.

The spray does have a slight odor. While barely noticeable when the treatment is applied, any scent of the application dissipates when dry.

Yes. Pioneer is an authorized distributor of MistAway Mosquito Misting Systems. For a custom MistAway quote, please contact Pioneer. For other pest control needs, please visit . Pioneer offers a wide array of pest and wildlife control services.

Unfortunately no. However, we do guarantee your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the effectiveness of our service. we will work carefully with you to ensure we take the steps to address whatever you are unsatisfied with. If we cannot improve the situation, we will discuss how we can refund your money.

Pioneer will send an e-mail the day before we are coming. We wiill provide a “service window”, but promise to try to be more precise than the cable guy.

No. And we’ll leave a notice so you know for certain that your service has been provided.



My experience with Pioneer Pest Management was above excellent. After one visit, I was sold, and have given them my quarterly business to keep the bugs out of my house. After my experience, I felt compelled to tell everyone I know about them; my parents, friends, neighbors, etc., because I care about those people and I know that PPM will take good care of them!

Ryan H


Very professional, attention to detail, listens to the customer and no hard sell! Steve came by today for our first treatment and I was really impressed!



These guys are amazing. When it comes to pest control, you need immediate attention and this is what these guys do. I’ll never use another pest control again. Thanks for all your hard work.



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