Termite Treatments

Pioneer provides termite control using either bait or liquid treatment. Termite treatments are an ongoing investment that protects your home and property.

The Sentricon® system uses buried bait stations that foraging worker termites encounter, distributing the bait to soldier termites and ultimately destroying the colony and the queen.

Alternatively, Termidor® is a liquid treatment that forms a continuous chemical barrier around your property. When termites come in contact with the liquid barrier, they’re killed off.

These treatment chemicals provide excellent control and elimination of termite colonies.

Damage to homes in the US from termite activity exceeds $5 billion each year, and this damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. It’s critical to protect your property against termite destruction.

Contact us to perform a Wood Destroying Pest inspection and determine the right termite treatment solution for your home.

Download Termite Treatment Preparation Instructions.