Vole Removal

Pioneer Pest’s vole removal service tackles the small social animals that live in colonies. In our region, the prairie and woodland voles are most common. They are often confused and compared with moles. Yet, they’re more similar to mice – even called meadow mice. Mice have large eyes and ears and long tails; while voles by comparison have much smaller eyes and ears with a short tail.Vole removal

Unlike moles, vole destruction is above ground. You might notice surface tunnels in beds of mulch, for example. Voles can carry diseases, including rabies, so it is important to keep a safe distance. Even their feces and urine can harbor viruses. This is just one reason why it is recommended to have a professional handle vole removal. Trapping and baiting are offered as part of Pioneer Pest’s service. Let the professionals tackle this pest problem, contact us today!