Ant Control

In the St. Louis area, the most common ants include carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. They are most prevalent in spring when their hibernation ends and warmer weather approaches. These highly social insects work together to find food and support the establishment of new colonies.

If you notice swarming winged ants at your windows, you may have an issue with carpenter ants. Carpenter ants drill into wood to create tunnels for nesting.

Odorous house ants – commonly known as sugar ants – are often spotted on your kitchen window sills and countertops. These ants are drawn to the sweet spills in your home like sticky soda or juice or other sugary leftovers. You may even spot a trail of ants marching their way to your pet’s food bowl.

The high humidity conditions in bathrooms and kitchens can also attract pavement ants who are looking for new sources of warmth and moisture.

No matter the species infiltrating your home, Pioneer has the experience to address these unwanted guests. Before treating an ant infestation, Pioneer locates the colonies and identifies the species. Treatments include liquid ant baits, granular baits, insecticidal dust and spraying to eliminate the queen and get the problem under control.

If you have an ant control problem, contact Pioneer and we’ll outline an ant treatment plan for you.