Spider Treatments

Generally, spiders prefer to keep to themselves. However, you will find them around your home because they’re in search of other insects to trap and devour. They are commonly hiding out in the corners of cardboard boxes in the damp conditions of a St. Louis basement. If you spot spiders in your home, pay attention to the type scampering across your floor.

Brown recluse spiders are identified by the distinguishing violin-shaped silhouette on their back. They feed on crickets and silverfish – even the decaying matter of other soft-bodied insects. The brown recluse is nocturnal, and while the venom from a bite can cause damage to soft tissue, severe cases are rare. Most bites heal on their own without medical intervention. Even so, an infestation of brown recluse is possible in our area and definitely cause to address.

Black widows spin haphazard webs close to the ground to catch their prey. Female black widows are shiny black with a red hourglass marking on their abdomen. Male black widows are brown or gray with small red dots. Their deadly poison paralyzes insects caught in their web, but it’s not fatal to humans.

Other spiders are harmless even though undesirable, and Pioneer Pest Management can take care of all types for you with our spider treatments. Pioneer first conducts a thorough inspection both indoor and outdoor, identifying likely crevices and spaces ideal for nests. Application of residual spray and dusts is applied to interiors, attics and crawlspaces as well as exterior perimeters. Contact us to get started right away!