Ant Control

Pioneer Pest Management is skilled at controlling all types of ant problems.  Ants can be controlled many different ways, but the key to controlling ants is identification and specialized treatment based on the species of ant that is present. Based on the type of ant that is in an unwanted area, the treatment plan and materials used may vary.

Pioneer utilizes many techniques to identify where the ant colony (or colonies) is established and utilizes liquid ant baits, granular baits, insecticidal dust and spraying to control ants. Spraying for ants alone is not always the answer. Total ant extermination is possible, but can occasionally require intensive action to achieve optimal results.

Eliminating the queen of the ant colony is our main focus when we perform ant work.

Residential ant pest control is a challenge for many homeowners around the St. Louis area.  If your home is experiencing an ant infestation, contact us in the form below, or call our office to arrange an optimal ant program. Pioneer can help with all of the following types of ant challenges:

Carpenter ant control (winged ants, commonly confused with termites due to swarming)
Odorous house ant control (very common, sometimes referred to as “sugar ants” )
Pavement ant control
Any other type of ant pest that has occupied a space where they are not welcome

Pioneer “ant” (aint) going to stand for ants being in your space. So get in touch with us today to get these unwanted visitors under control!

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